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Eat to heal the planet

We make choices everyday. What to eat, organic or conventional, big box store or farmers market, cheapest or most ethical... with each dollar we spend, we select the world view we support, and the vision of the future for our children and grand children.

We host Florencia Ramirez on April 21 to talk to us about her experiences of visiting a lot of organic and regenerative farms that are working daily to restore their land to health after the ravages of industrial agriculture. Florencia encourages us to spend our food dollars with these folks instead of those destroying the life in the soil and the ecology with synthetic fertilizers and toxic pesticides.

EARTH DAY EVENT - We are having our first event of 2022 with an in-person event with Florencia Ramirez, author of Eat Less Water on Thursday, April 21st 6pm at SpiceTopia. In her book, Ramirez travels across the nation interviewing farmers and food producers to tell the stories of how food is made and the water used to do so. From the rice paddies of Louisiana to a Hawaiian coffee farm and a Boston chocolate factory, her insight into the amount of water used in food production is eye opening.

Her website says it like this

Did you know you eat an average of between 500 to 1300 gallons of water each day? Experts predict that half of the world will not have enough water by 2030. The good news is that because 70% of our planet's finite supply of fresh water supplies flows to grow food, you and I have the power to rewrite the water story; it begins with your next meal.

Join us April 21st in person or virtually by Zoom or facebook live for this important and timely discussion on this precious resource.

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