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Membership Agreement




I would like to become a Member of Ventura Food Cooperative, Inc.




A membership in the Ventura Food Cooperative, Inc. (“VFC”) is legally held by an individual member (Primary Member) who submits a Member Application and Agreement, pays the required Membership Share amount, and meets any other necessary requirements. Households who live, buy and eat jointly are permitted to share a membership (meaning one additional adult and Member’s dependent children under the age of 18). All Members are equal co-owners of VFC and are entitled to vote and receive benefits of membership as described further in the VFC Bylaws.


The Primary Member will receive electronic confirmation of Membership once your application has been processed. Copies of the Bylaws and the Membership Disclosure form are available online at or by written request.




You may become a member by completing and signing this Application, then presenting it to the VFC -- either in person or by mail at (Ron Whitehurst, 108 Orchard Dr. Ventura, CA 93001) -- for approval, along with a one-time $250.00 investment or the first of five (5) required $50.00 quarterly payments. You must sign and enclose an Installment Payment Plan Agreement with this Application if you choose to make the five (5) quarterly payments of $50.00 described above.




I will comply with VFC’s Administrative Code, Bylaws, Articles of Incorporation, and all amendments made thereto.


I will purchase a total of ten (10) shares at Twenty-Five Dollars ($25.00) per share for a total of $250.00 and will be entitled to all Member benefits immediately upon VFC notice of acceptance.


If I choose to cancel my membership for a full refund of my shares, I know that I must submit a written request to the Board Secretary or their authorized representative and it may take four to six weeks to receive the refund. Membership refunds are at the discretion of Board of Directors and only Primary Members are eligible to receive them. There is no guarantee that memberships will be refunded.


I agree to receive any and all communications from VFC electronically by either facsimile or email, including, but not limited to, election and ballot materials. My email address and contact information is provided on this application. If I wish to receive communications by mail instead of electronically, I will notify the Board Secretary or their representative in writing.


I agree to keep my email address and contact information current with VFC and will notify them of any changes in my this aforementioned information as soon as they occur.


As the Primary Member, I will be the only person to make changes or updates to my membership account unless VFC receives written notification that says otherwise and is signed by me, the Primary Member.


I understand and agree that this Membership entitles me to one vote in member decision making processes and other benefits and duties of membership so long as I remain a Member.


The success of the VFC depends on my participation and patronage.


I certify that I am at least 18 years old, and hereby make application to become a Member of the Ventura Food Cooperative, Inc. of my own volition. I understand and agree to the terms summarized in this document.




Dated: ____________________


Primary Shareholder Signature: _______________________________________


VFC Privacy Policy


VFC has not, does not, and will never do the following: use, sell, or give a Member/shopper’s private information to any third party for any reason other than required by law.

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