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Get Involved


Thank you for showing your interest in the Ventura Food Cooperative! Below are some of our upcoming volunteer opportunities and other ways you can help!


Become a Board Member: Like being a leader? Love grassroots organizing? Join us in making this a reality! Email us if you are interested in a leadership role or volunteering with the Ventura Food Co-op. 



Become a Member: Membership is the lifeblood of a co-op: Co-op membership is an investment in your community, local farmers, small businesses and healthy, sustainable products.

Everyone can shop at the Co-op, but by becoming a member you are becoming a part owner of a mission-driven cooperative market rooted in history.

We take pride in being a community-owned market, where the very people who own this thriving consumer cooperative are the ones shopping in the store. Each owner invests equal dollars to assure they have a grocery store they can trust to supply them with the highest quality organic and local foods around.

Becoming a member means that you have a voice in guiding and supporting this sustainable, democratically controlled, economically fair form of business ownership. 


A one time investment of $250 purchases one voting share of the Coop.  This can be paid once or in installments of $50 per quarter for five payments.  Your investment is also fully refundable if you move or wish to leave the Coop.


Soon we will have a form where prospective members to sign up online.

Membership fee can be paid $250 one time or by quarterly payments of $50.

100% Refundable at any time


Membership covers the whole household


We offer online shopping with custom CSA boxes of fresh organically grown veggies. 

VFC supports local farmers through our Partnership with Farmivore.  

$1 spent at your local co-op, puts $3 back into the community

Ownership helps support a living wage and cruelty-free products with a focus on sustainability.


Get social!


Want to still make a difference but can't commit to the above?

Tell your friends about Ventura Food Co-op! Connect with us on Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter! 




Farmivore  landing page for Ventura Food Co-op

Invite us to talk at your local club meeting about the value of cooperative economics or localizing the food supply.




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