Where we are now...
Where is the Ventura Food Co-op located?

The Ventura Food Co-op is in the grassroots organizing stages and, therefore, does not yet have a store front.

How long does it take to start a food cooperative?

Typically, it takes anywhere from 3-5 years to organize, fund raise, and open a food co-op, and sometimes longer. For a better idea of the process, please check out the FCI Development Model (http://www.foodcoopinitiative.coop/about/model).

What does it cost to be a member/owner? 

The Ventura Food Co-op will have a one time buy-in cost to be a member/owner. The exact amount has yet to be determined and varies per co-op, but typically ranges from $200-$300. There is no annual fee for being a member/owner.

What are the differences between a food co-op and a regular grocery store? 

The main difference between a cooperative grocery store and other grocery stores in Ventura is that it is owned by the people who shop there. In addition, the co-op strives to strengthen the community by supporting local farmers and artisans. However, there are many aspects that make co-ops unique. For a full list, please check out the Why Co-op? section of the website.

When will the co-op be open for business?

When we have raised enough money and have reached our membership goal. 

Do I have to be a member/owner to shop?

No! Anyone can shop at the Food Co-op, even if they are not a member/owner. However, investing in the Ventura Food Co-op not only strengthens the co-op and the community, but also provides benefits and discounts.

How do I get involved with organizing the Ventura Food Co-op?


There are many ways to provide support for the VFC. Please check out the Get Involved page to see all of the ways you can help.