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Where we are now...
Where is the Ventura Food Co-op located?

The Ventura Food Co-op is starting off with online customizable CSA boxes of fresh locally grown organic veggies.  Our goal is to grow into a community based storefront.

How long does it take to start a food cooperative?

The model for food co-ops has changed radically in the last 5 years.  Online sales and door to door delivery, designated sites for pick up of CSA Veggie boxes has launched VFC into action.  Typically, it used to take anywhere from 3-5 years to organize, fund raise, and open a food co-op, and sometimes longer. We are open NOW  online, but our goal is to open a brick and mortar location.  The internet and the worldwide isolation has given us new ways to open our business.  For a better idea of the process, please check out the FCI Development Model (

What does it cost to be a member/owner? 

The Ventura Food Co-op offers a one time buy-in cost of $250per household to be a member/owner. There is no annual fee for being a member/owner.

What are the differences between a food co-op and a regular grocery store? 

The main difference between a cooperative grocery store and other grocery stores in Ventura is that it is owned by the people who shop there. In addition, the co-op strives to strengthen the community by supporting local farmers and artisans. However, there are many aspects that make co-ops unique. For a full list, please check out the Why Co-op? section of the website.

When will the co-op be open for business?

We are now open for business through the online connection with local organic farmers through partnership with Farmivore.  Our goal is to offer more than veggies.  As we grow our community of partners we will offer a wide variety of craft foods, homemade goods, household energy packages from individual solar systems to large household and business systems.  Water purification, gardening exchanges, educational events and workshops.  Come to our events and add your dreams to our VFC Vision Board.

Do I have to be a member/owner to shop?

No! Anyone can shop at the Food Co-op, even if they are not a member/owner. However, investing in the Ventura Food Co-op not only strengthens the co-op and the community, but also provides benefits and discounts.

How do I get involved with organizing the Ventura Food Co-op?


There are many ways to provide support for the VFC. Please check out the Get Involved page to see all of the ways you can help. 

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